Every employee has the potential to be a unique brand ambassador, and has a strategic role to play in your organization’s public image. Headline Media’s communication training and capacity building workshops are designed to ensure that each participant emerges with a firm connection to your organization’s vision and message, and has the ability to effectively deliver that message at every point of contact with the public.

Advocacy and Public Diplomacy

Audience engagement has emerged as the key component of successful public diplomacy campaigns. Diplomats, advocates, and grassroots activists must master the tools to effectively craft and communicate their messages to a variety of target audiences. Headline Media has designed a series of cutting-edge workshops that will provide participants with various strategic messaging techniques, and a comprehensive understanding of today’s media landscape.

Corporate Communication

From your C-suite executive to your customer service rep, every employee is a possible brand ambassador. Leading organizations must harness each employee’s potential and ensure that everyone is “on message”. HM’s corporate communication workshops put a particular emphasis on delivery of the organization’s strategic message and vision, audience targeting, and rigorous simulations to ensure that every member of your team communicates effectively.


The CEO has emerged as every organization’s public face and “chief communicator”. Your CEO’s ability to communicate effectively—in good times and bad-- is crucial to your company’s success. HM specializes in providing CEO’s with the necessary strategic communication tools to communicate their vision to global stakeholders with clarity and impact.

Non-Profit & Social Entrepreneurship

Whether you are a well established non-profit or a disruptive social innovation, Headline Media can give you the tools you need to engage the public, raise awareness and effect change. Headline Media has helped some of the world’s leading non-profits engage audiences and drive them to action.